Curriculum Vitae



1946: 8.15    Born: Eugene, Oregon 
1950-64    Resided: Brazil  
Speak, read and write fluent: Portuguese and Spanish, read basic French and Italian

1968-1970    Claremont Graduate School    MFA  Sculpture
Claremont,  California    
1964-1968    Pomona College    BA  Sculpture
Claremont,  California    
1960-1964    São Paulo Graded School    Diploma  High School   
São Paulo, Brazil

1996:  June    Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept.    Individual Artist Grant
1990:  Oct    National Endowment for the Arts    Artist's Fellowship Grant
1988:  Apr    J. S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation    Fellowship
1984:  Oct    National Endowment for the Arts    Artist's Fellowship Grant
1978:  Oct    National Endowment for the Arts    Artist's Fellowship Grant
1976:  Oct    National Endowment for the Arts    Artist's Fellowship Grant

2002 Apr-Jun    Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill LLP    member of design team
Chicago and New York City    Lincoln Center proposal
1995    University of Victoria    Orion Scholar
Victoria, British Columbia    Visiting Lectureship
1986    National Endowment for the Arts    Sculpture Panelist
Washington, D.C.    Artist's Fellowship Grants
1986    Wisconsin Arts Commission    Panelist
Madison, Wisconsin    Artist's Fellowship Grants
1982    International Sculpture Conference    Sound Sculpture
Oakland, California    Panelist

NOW-73: 9    Claremont Graduate University    Professor of Art
Claremont, California    Department of Fine Art

S•: solo show / G•: group show

'07: 7/10 – 10/7 G•  Evidence of Movement "Radio Borne Space"
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA, acoustic sculpture on radio KPFK
recording from 1/12/1978, 15m20s. Click Here for "Radio Borne Space" Podcast.

'06: 6/13 – 7/10    From America    "3 notes for Mela"
G•    Museum of Contemporary Art    acoustic sculpture on CD, plus
Minsk, Belarus    "slice of an instant", pencil on vellum

'04: 2/19 – 4/17    Times Square Gallery    "two things in a field"
G•    Hunter College    an acoustic sculpture
catalog    New York City    in a show called "Moved"

'02: 11/15-12/15    Concrete Feedback    "full o' Stuff"
G•    intersections of sound and space    an Acoustic Sculpture
brochure    SCI - Arch., Los Angeles, California    for L A Freewaves

'02: 6 - permanent    Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza    "Falls from the Sky" '94
G•    Fondo per l' Ambiente Italiano    "A_eros_plane" '93
catalog    Varese, Lombardy, Italy    "Flutter" '79

'02: 1/7-2/10    POST    Eccentric Perspectives
G•    Los Angeles, California    a drawing on paper '85

'02:2-16/4-20    Los Angeles Contemp. Exhibitions    See Hear Now: a sonic drawing
S•    catalog    Los Angeles, CA    and five acoustic sculptures

'01:10/1-26    The Peggy Phelps Gallery    "Oh so pretti"
Claremont Graduate University    an acoustic sculpture
G•       Claremont, CA    "constellations"- a group show

'00:10/5-1/1,'01     Smith Center-Pomona College    "full o' Stuff"
S•            Claremont, Calif.    an Acoustic Sculpture

'00:6/17-9/1    Irvine Fine Arts Center    "Irvine Drops, 1/10min"
G•       Irvine, CA    "Mural"- a group exhibition"
'00:3/30-4/29    Christopher Grimes Gallery    "Seaside" audioCD for headphones
G•    Santa Monica, CA    "Seascape"- a group exhibition"

'99:7/3-1/1,'00    Orange County Museum of Art    all AROUND you
S•            Newport Beach, Calif.    an Acoustic Sculpture

'99:3/13-4/14    Patricia Correia Gallery    "In your head...set"
G•    Santa Monica, CA    "Skin Deep- a group exhibition"

'99:2/1-3/6    California State University    Psst - a Sonic Drawing
G•    Northridge,  Art Gallery    "Southern California Environments"

'99:1/19-3/28    Pomona College Art Gallery    7 drawings on paper for whistlers 1 & 2
G•    Claremont, Calif.    "means to an end-exploration of drawing
'98:10/12-11/6    LaVerne University Art Gallery    all AROUND you
S•            LaVerne, Calif.    an Acoustic Sculpture

'98:5/30-7/4    Patricia Correia Gallery    several works and drawings
G•    Santa Monica, CA    "1964 - a group show"

'98:1/12-4/22    Mt. Shasta College Art Gallery    4 drawings on paper
G•    Mt. Shasta, Calif.    CGU:painting&works on paper

'97:9/19-10/17    Andrew Shire Gallery    3 drawings on paper
G•    Los Angeles    

'97:9/19-10/22    Galleria Paradiso    Whistlers 2
G•    Costa Mesa    a Sonic Drawing

'97:4/30-6/22    L.A. Municipal Art Gallery    :slowlyDrift
G•    "COLA 1996-97 Individual Artist Grants"    an Acoustic Sculpture
r,c    Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles    

'97:1/10-2/8    LASCA Gallery    Whistlers 2
G•    Los Angeles    a Sonic Drawing

'96:11/16-12/14    Richard Heller Gallery    All of Before
G•C #113    Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Ca.    an Acoustic Sculpture
" a scattering matrix"    curated by Jane Hart

'96:4/24-6/16    L.A. Municipal Art Gallery    flutter-by
G•    " Investigations "    an Acoustic Sculpture
Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles    

'96:2/28-4/6    Caren Golden Fine Art    detail of a trajectory
G•    New York, New York    a Sonic Drawing

'96:1/7-2/10    POST    detail of a trajectory
G•    Los Angeles, California    a Sonic Drawing

'95:9/26-10/19     Cerritos College    zipper
S•        Norwalk, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

'95:4/29-5/30    Bennett Roberts Fine Art    Whistlers 2
S•         R107,8    Los Angeles, California    a Sonic Drawing

'94 : 7/17-7:30 pm    Eklisia    "twenty floating"
G•    Gumsluk Bay, Turkey    Floating Flashers (reprise-'79, p.5)

'94 : 1/15-3/18    City of Brea Gallery    "Psst"
•  G•    Brea, California    sound drawing
R        Poetic Devices: works of motion & sound

'93:  8- '92:  4    Fonds Cantonal. . . d'Art Visuel   Geneva, Switzerland
G•        Researching, developing, and presenting a prize-winning, public Acoustic Sculpture

"Voices for Traffic" inside two vehicular tunnels by-passing Geneva,Switzerland.          { the project was then cancelled due to 'unfavorable' election results }

'91:10/19-27    Art Gallery of New South Wales    Triple
G•    Sydney, Australia    Acoustic Sculpture
C 104    Impossible Objects, Invisible Cities    by The Performance Space

'90: 7/10-11/4    Musee Art Moderne, Ville de Paris"Collections Panza . . ."
G•    Paris, France    plans and document drawings

'88:10/10-    East Gallery, Graduate Art Dept.    Three Sum
S•• 10/21    Claremont, California    Acoustic Sculpture    

'88: 5/23-    Ace Contemporary Exhibitions    Press On for Sculpture,part 2
6/30  G••    Los Angeles, California    Acoustic Sculpture    

'88: 5/22-    Santa Monica Museum of Art    Low Down
S••  7/8         Santa Monica, California    Acoustic Sculpture

'88: 5/15-    Three Rivers Arts Festival    Local Pick-up
6/26   G••    The Carnegie Museum of Art    Acoustic Sculpture
C 100 f        Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

'87: 8/18-    Henry Gallery    Pinnacle Peek
10/4    G••    University of Washington    Acoustic Sculpture
Seattle, Washington

'86: 4.30     De Appel    Line to Room, Acoustic Sculpture
G•    Amsterdam, Holland    By telephone to Amsterdam
24:00-00:03,    "World Wide Sound Sculpture"    3-3:03 pm PDT-from Claremont

'85-6: 11.10-    Museum of Contemporary Art    An Exit to Sculpture
S••          2.9      Los Angeles, California    Acoustic Installation
C90f;R91f,A88,89f    With "New Music America '85"

85: 3.22-4.17    L. A. CenterPhotographic Studies    Wait a Minute for Sculpture
•    G•    Los Angeles,  California, "Strata"    Acoustic Installation

85: 2.27-3.30    San Francisco Art Institute    Pro-propylea
B 87    G•     California, "Sight and Sound"    an Acoustic Sculpture

85:1.7-2.18    California State University,    Touch and Go
S• P6, B 85,R 86f    Los Angeles, Fine Arts Gallery    an Acoustic Sculpture

84:10.11-11.3     University of California, Irvine      Four Phasing ('79)
C84f    G•    Fine Arts Gallery, "The Norris Collection" a Clicker Drawing

84: 5.31-6.30    Artist's Space, New York,     Press on for Sculpture   C82f,R83    "A Decade of New Art"     & A Clicker Drawing ('77)
G•    Hudson Street and W. Broadway    Acoustic Installations

83: 8.30-9.8    Claremont Graduate School    Below Bottom Beat
G•    Atrium Gallery, Art Department    an Acoustic Sculpture

83: 1.13-1.23    The Banff Centre    Pulse-Pumping
A80,81    S•      Alberta, Canada, Walt. Phillips Gallery  an Acoustic Sculpture

82: 7.9-8.9    Artpark    Lewiston
C80f,       Duo••     Lewiston, New York    Processional/Acoustic Sculpture
A74-77    In     Collaboration with Mowry Baden    Outdoors

82: 3.30-6.6    University of Massachusetts,    Back to Front
S•    Poster    Amherst,  University Art Gallery    an Acoustic Sculpture

82: 1.30-3.15     Commune di Rimini, Italy    Hypothetical Space
C70,R71  G•    "Sonorita Prospettiche:     Two proposal perspectives
Suono/Ambiente/Immagine"    -On Mylar

82: 1.15-3.7    Rhode Island School of Design    Betwixt
C69f    G•    Museum, Providence, "Installation '82"      an Acoustic Sculpture

81-2: 9.20-    The Neuberger Museum    Maybe Yes And Maybe No
1.23      G•    S.U.N.Y. at Purchase, "Soundings"    "Working" Drawing on Paper

81:7.21-10.4    Los Angeles County Museum of Art  Attack and Decay
G••     "The Museum as Site:  Sixteen Projects"       an Acoustic Sculpture

81: 2.4-4.16    Whitney Museum of American Art      Echocentric
R62-64      G•    "1981 Biennial Exhibition"    an Acoustic Sculpture

80: 10.28-31    Tyler School of Art    Slow Step-Side Shuffle
S••B60f    Philadelphia, PA, E. Stairs, Elkins    a Vertical  Acoustic Sculpture

80: 3.9-4.12    Pierce College    Impinging
S••C53f    Woodland Hills, California    an Acoustic Sculpture  

80: 3.4-6    Minneapolis College of     The A.I.R. in the Skyway
S• B60f    Art & Design, Minnesota    Acoustic Sculpture

80: 2.13-3.5    Hartford Art School, Conn.    Saga of the Multi's
G•    Joseloff Gallery, "So. Cal. Drawings"    A Working Drawing from the Series

79: 12.7-    Herron School of Art    Happen-Stance
80: 1.15    Indianapolis, Indiana    an Acoustic Sculpture
S• P5,B50f,A51f,48,49    Herron Gallery

79: 11.8-9    California State University,    Clue Blear
S• B60f,R45    Long Beach, Art Gallery    an Acoustic Sculpture

79: 9.30-11.18    Institute for Art...P.S.1, NYC    Whistle Fill
R44    G•     "Sound at P.S.1"     an Acoustic Sculpture, Rear Stairwell

79: 9.22-10.17    Galleria del Cavallino,    Four Phasing
S•        Venice, Italy    a Clicker Drawing
P4,B40f,R47        Pulsing Overlap
an Acoustic Sculpture
9.21, 8-10 PM    Galleria del Cavallino    Floating in Coincidence
S• P4,A61f    On Venice Lagoon at Hotel Cipriani     Floating Flasher Drawing

79: 9.22-10.26    Montgomery Art Gallery    Reflective Shadow
G••    Claremont, Faculty Exhibition    a Sonic Drawing

79: 9.2-22     Modern Art Gallerie    Stop Gap
S••R41-3,∆34     Vienna, Austria    an Acoustic Sculpture

79: 8.25    Lauwersmeer Bij Oostmahorn    Hit and Run
S••         12-2AM, Groningen, Holland    Floating Flasher Drawing
C37f,R38f,i39        Produced by Corps de Garde

79: 7.14-8.31    L.A.I.C.A.    Buzz Bubble
G••     Los Angeles, CA, "Sound Show"    a Sonic Drawing

79: 7.14-8.31    11 Navy Street, Venice, California    Near Distance
S••        Part of L.A.I.C.A. "Sound Show"    an Acoustic Sculpture

79: 5.4-6.2    Cirrus Gallery    Surrounded:  Sharp Points
S••        Los Angeles, California    Ringing, a Sonic Drawing

79: 3.1-4.15    Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Neb.    Intermitent Sympathies ('77)
G••     "Los Angeles in the Seventies"    a Clicker Drawing

78: 12.26    Akumal Lagoon    A Drawing of Coincidence
S••         8-10 PM, Quintana Roo, Mexico    5 Floating Flashers

78: 8.12-9.9    Marum Overpass-Kw IX A    Concrete Two Tone
S••         Groningen, Holland, prod: Corps de Garde    Exterior Acoustic Sculpture

78: 5.5-5.27    Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York    proposal drawing on paper
C21    G••     "Ten Artist's Work Sent by F.A.R."    

78: 1.30-2.4    Lang Art Gallery,     drawing on paper
G••    Claremont, California     Graduate Faculty Show

78: 1.12    KPFK-FM (90.7)    Radio-Borne Space
Broadcast     10 PM, Los Angeles, "Close Radio"    an Acoustic Sculpture, 10 Min.

77-8:12.10    La Jolla Museum of    Synchromesh
S•1.22 B16, •     Contemporary Art    an Acoustic Sculpture
R15,∆14,17f    California, Meyer Gallery    

77:11.9-12.18    California Institue of Technology  Inside, Outside, Down
S• P1C12f    Pasadena, California      an Acoustic Sculpture
R13,18f,19     Baxter Art Gallery    Soliloquies, a Clicker Drawing

77:10.9-11.20    Fort Worth Art Museum    Intermitent Sympathies
G••     Texas, "Los Angeles in the Seventies    a Clicker Drawing

77: 48.24-28    Fort Mason, San Francisco, California Tight Quiet
C6f    G••     San Francisco Art Institute Annual    an Acoustic Sculpture

77: 4.2-23    Artists Space     An Acoustic Sculpture  and
S•• R5,C82f•     New York, New York    A Clicker Drawing

77: 1.28-30.    Taraval St. Pedestrian Tunnel Concentrate/Break-up
S•• A21f,72f     San Francisco, prod. by CARP     an Acoustic Sculpture

77:1.15-2.20    Lang Art Gallery    drawing on paper
G••    Claremont, California    Faculty Exhibition

76: 11.30-12.2    University of Victoria     The Field Contained by
S••        Victoria, British Columbia    Room 094,  Acoustic Sculpture

77: 11.11-12.3    California State University,    A Nice Place to Probe
S•• •        Bakersfield, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

76: 4.Daily    Roger Wong's Gallery    Narrow Open Spaces
S•• A73f•     Los Angeles, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

76: 3.15-19    Libra Gallery    A Piece in Claremont
S•• •        Claremont, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

75-6: 12.8-    Newport Harbor Art Museum    Inside a Long Wave
1.11 G•• •C3,R4     Newport Beach, Calif., "Sounds Show"    an Acoustic Sculpture

75: Nov, Daily    11 Navy Street    A Slow Walking Wave
S•• R2          Venice, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

72: 7.15-16     Newport Harbor Art Museum     Fixed Frequency
G•• •C1f,33f     "New Art in Orange County"    at Space F, Santa Ana, Calif.

71: 12.10-11    Space F    Standing Wave
Santa Ana, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

71: 9.18-20    Space F    Fixed Frequency
S•        Santa Ana, California    an Acoustic Sculpture

71: 8.28-30    Space F    Number 013
S•        Santa Ana, California    a Clicker Drawing

71:2.26-3.21    "Art Guild"    Number 012
G•            Peoria, Illinois    a Clicker Drawing

70: 12.4-31    Bradley University    Configuration 011
S•    •        Duryea Gallery, Peoria, Illinois    Audio Activity

70: 5.29-31    Montgomery Art Gallery    Configuration 010
S•            Claremont, California    Audio Activity

70: 4.6-7    Mount San Antonio Art     GalleryConfiguration 009  
G•            Walnut, California    Flashing Points

'70: 3.27    Lucerne Valley, California    Configuration 008
S• 8-12 PM,     Foot of Granite Mountains    Flashing Points

'70: 3.7    Mojave Desert, California    Configuration 007
S•    5:30-9:30 PM,     Soda Dry Lake    Flashing Points

'69: 11.26    Mojave Desert, California    Configuration 006
S•• 4:30-8:30 PM,     Soda Dry Lake    Flashing Points

A=Article  B=Brochure  C=Catalog I=Interview  P=Publication  R=Review  f=Photo

# 144: C    Electric Mud - exhibition catalog     Curated by David Pagel
'09: Feb    Blaffer Gallery -        Catalog essays by Pagel (p. 13)
The Art Museum of the University of Houston    and Sara Cochran

# 143: P    "Background Noise:     by Brandon LaBelle
'08:     perspectives on sound art"    pages: 152,167-70,173-4,178,180-2,192
Continuum International Publishing, New York

# 142: P    "Memories of a Collector"     by Giuseppe Panza, trans. M. Haggerty
'07:     Abbeville Press        pages: 267-8, 364, plate 93    "

# 141: R    New York Times     by Holland Cotter
'04: Apr 9    Review of ""moved"    page e37    "

# 140: C    Moved - exhibition catalog     Curated by Stephen Davis
'04: Feb    Hunter College  (2/19 - 4/17)    Catalog essays by Davis
New York City, 44 pages    and Elinor M. Richter

# 139: P    Soundspace        Peter Grueneisen, editor
'03: Sep    -architecture for sound & vision    page 26
Birkhauser, 240 pages    

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'02: Sep    Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza    Brewster in Varese : pp. 27,33,150
Skira, 235 pages    

# 137: R    Artforum web site     "critics picks":
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'02: Feb 8-14    vol. 24, no.12    p 40

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'02: Feb    Previews of exhibitions     at LACE by Suvan Geer,  p13-14

# 134: C    See Hear Now        Introduction by Barry Schwabsky
'02: Feb    Catalog of the LACE exhibition    essay by Peter Clothier
by the Fellows of Contemporary Art    interview by Brandon LaBelle

# 133: P    Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza and the Panza di Biumo Collection
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'00: ___     "walls have ears"      pp. 29-33    by Brandon LaBelle

# 129: A    Los Angeles Times     "Sculptor sets different tone"
'99: nov 16    Inland Valley      by Pam Noles

# 128: P    "Where, There or Here ?"      pp. 100-4        essay by M. Brewster    
'99: jun     Site of Sound-of architecture and the ear    LaBelle & Roden (eds.)
Errant Bodies Press with Smart Art Press    Santa Monica

# 127: R    LA Weekly        
'99: apr 2-8     pick of the week: "Skin Deep" p. 152    by Peter Frank

# 126: R    The Daily Sundial    
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# 125: R    Los Angeles Times     "environmental perceptions"
'99: feb 11    Valley Calendar     by Josef Woodard

# 124: R,f    Artweek        
'98:  sep.    "'1964 '  at Patricia Correia Gallery"    review by David DiMichele,

# 123: A,f    ARTBYTE, vol 1, no.3    article  by Barry Schwabsky  p.58-60
'98: aug-sep    "Sounding Spaces" : the audio art of viola,brewster,gussin, & k oppenheim    

# 122: C    Catalog "COLA 1996-97 & 1997-98"    by City Of Los Angeles
'98: april 22    Individual Artist Grants"    Cultural Affairs Department
A,f    exhibit at: L.A. Municipal Art Gallery    essay by Robert Beyer p.20

# 121: A    LA Weekly        re: sound festival at Beyond Baroque,
'98: may 8-14    " Noise Solution"  p. 45    by Doug Harvey

# 120: P    Concours International D'idees pour    record of the ill fated 92-93 Geneva contest
'97: Jun    l'amenagement Artistique de l'autoroute    75 pp, Edited by Bernhard Fibicher, Bienne, for
rn1/rn1a sur territoire Genevois    Fonds cantonal de decoration et d'art visuel

# 119: R    Los Angeles Times     " A COLA that refreshes "  mention
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# 118: R    Los Angeles Times     mention of  COLA grant recipients
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# 117: A,f    Artweek        Jane Hart, T. Friedman, & M. Brewster
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'96: nov 21    Calendar, Part F, p. 12-13    of  " All of Before "  by Susan Kandel

# 115: C,f, CD       a scattering matrix    color catalog of exhibition
'96: nov    curated by Jane Hart/R. Heller Gallery    designed and published by Jane Hart

# 114: A,f    Artweek        by Kerry Kugelman , p 16    
'96:august    "Abstraction & Representation:    two kinds of sound artists in So. Cal. "    

# 113: C,f     Investigations    catalog of exhibition
'96:4/24-    curated by Noel Korten    Essay by Noel Korten (pp2,3-4)
6/16    Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery    Barnsdall Art Park

# 112: R,f    Coagula                 no. 21    "artist profile"
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'95: may 20    Saturday Calendar, Part F, p. 2    of  " Whistlers 2 "  by David Pagel

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'94    "Geneva By-Pass"     ed. by Elizabeth Martin
pamphlet architecture    pp.36-40
(New York: Princeton Architectural Press,'94)    including  Cage,Amacher, Leitner

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'94:  3/6    Poetic Devices-review by Peter Frank    Brea, California

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(Lanham, MD: Univ. Press of America,'89)    including  Cage,Lucier,Neuhaus

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'88: Oct    Flash Art Supplement #142    L.A. artists"

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'88: June    The Carnegie Museum of Art    Jock Reynolds, notes by M. Brewster
pp.5,7,20-23    photos by H.P. Nuernberger

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'88: Jun 4    pp. B5,B7    by Patricia Lowry

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'88: May 28    San Gabriel Valley section                    

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'88: May 13        by Sylvia Gfeller-Haskell

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'88: Apr 25    Pasadena    --wire report

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"New Music America" catalog Issue    photo, M. Brewster

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'85: 10.25    Los Angeles, L.A. Life Section, p. 7    Of An Unusual Sort"  by Diana Rico

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'85: 1.31    Part VI, p. 6    Robert L. Pincus

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'85: 1.7    California State University, Los Angeles  Michael Brewster

#84: C,f    Selections from the Merry and    text  by Melinda Wortz
'85: 10    Bill Norris Collection-Catalog     photo  by M. Brewster
University of California, Irvine, p. 18     

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'84: 6.25    p. 54    Kay Larsen

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'84: 5.31    Artists Space, New York, p. 19f    photo  by M. Brewster

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'83: 4    p. 35    Mary Beth Laviollette

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'83: 2.3    p. F7    Emotions " by Nancy Tousley

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'83    Vol. II, No. 3, pp. 42-3    Desert"  by Marga Bijvoet

#78: C, f    Artpark '82-Catalog    description of "Lewiston"  
'82: 10    Lewiston, New York, pp. 24-5,45    Mowry Baden, Michael Brewster

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'82: 10-11    Vol. II, #8-9    Goldie Rans

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'82: 8.5    Ontario, Canada    Landcape"

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'82:7.29    Niagara Falls, N.Y.    Denise Stary

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'82: 5.7    Vancouver Art Gallery, pp. 40-57    photo by M. Brewster

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'82: Spring     #32, p. 30,58,60, photo by Charles Hill    "Context:  Light & Space as Art"  Buttefield

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'82: March    Milan, Italy,  p. 32    Rosella Bonfiglioli

#70: C    Sonorita Prospettiche:    drawings:  "Hypothetical Space"
'82: 1.30      Suono/Ambiente/Immagine-Catalog    text and reproduction of drawings
Commune Di Rimini, Italy, pp. 30-31    

#69: C,f    Installation '82-Catalog    notes
'82: 1.15    Rhode Island School of Design    Laurie McGavin, Curator

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'82: Jan     pp. 91-98, p. 95 photo by Robbert Flick    Peter Plagens

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'81: 9.20    SUNY at Purchase, New York, p. 66    Maybe No"

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'81: 8.25    Part IV, pp. 1, 3, L.A. Times photo    in Site, Sound"   by Suzanne Muchnic

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'81: 7.21    L.A.C.M.A. Catalog, p. 35, photos: R. Flick        Stephanie Barron, Curator

#64: R    Soho Weekly News    "Gertrude's Follies" , cartoon of
'81: 4.15-21    New York    "Echocentric" by T. Hachtman    

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'81: April     p. 96      Roberta Smith

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'81: April     p. 54    the Whitney's ..."  by Carrey Rickey

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1981    St. Martin's Press, London, pp.164,7,9    "Fine Art"   by David Brindle

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'81: 3    NEA Workshops/Exhibitions, pp. 8-11    S. Perry, J. Troy
#59: R    New York Magazine    "The Problem with Pantheons"
'81: 3.2    p. 60    Kay Larsen

#58: R    Soho Weekly News    "The Peaks in Review"
'81: 2.11    p. 27    William Zimmer

#57: R    New York Times    "A Strategy for Viewing the
'81: 2.6    p. C18    Whitney Biennial", Hilton Kramer

#56: C,f    1981 Biennial Exhibition-Catalog    photo montage of "Surrounded:
'81: 2.4    Whitney Museum, p. 22, Bio. p. 126    Sharp Points Ringing",  M. Brewster

#55: A    Air California Magazine    "L.A.'s Finest"
'80: Dec     pp. 42, 44    Richard Marks

#54: C    Architectural Sculpture    "Architects of Emptiness"
'80: 9.30    L.A.I.C.A. Catalog, pp. 29, 32, 36    Melinda Wortz

#53: C,f    Impinging-Catalog    notes
'80: 3.9    Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA    Diana Zlotnick, Michael Brewster

#52: C,f    Fur Augen und Ohren-Catalog    "Die Summe aller Klange ist grau"
'80: 1.20     Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, pp. 6,143-4    Rene Block, photo by G. Crawford

#51: A,f    The Indianapolis Star    "Hearing Sculpture at Herron"
'79: 12.8    p. 33    Donn Fry

#50: B,f    Happen-stance-Brochure    text & photos
'79: 12    Herron School of Art, Indianapolis    Carol Adney & Michael Brewster

#49: A    The Indianapolis News    article about "Happen-stance"
'79: 12.6    p. 61    David Manweiler

#48: A    Sagamore    "Gallery Features Acoustic
'79: 12.3    Herron School of Art, Indianapolis,     p. 6      Sculpture"

#47: R    G7 Studio    review of Galleria del Cavallino show
'79: 11    Bologna, Italy, p. 22    Guido Sartorelli

#46: R,f    Artforum    review of "Surrounded:  Sharp
'79: Nov     p. 77    Points Ringing", by Richard Armstrong

#45: A    Daily Forty-Niner    article on "Clue Blear"
'79: 11.8    California State Univ., Long Beach, p. 3      Gerald Sitser

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'79: 10.29    New York, p. 81    Kay Larsen

#43: R    Salzburger Volkszeitung    "Musikbox:  Kunstrichtung
'79: 9.19    Salzburg, Austria    Audio Art"

#42: R    Die Presse    "Gerausch Und Form"
'79: 9.18    Vienna, Austria    K. S.

#41: R    Die Presse    "Tradition Und Progression
'79: 9.12    Vienna, Austria    Als Zwange",  M. Buchsbaum

#40: B,f    Michael Brewster-Brochure    text and photo by M. Brewster
'79: 9    Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, Italy   Italian trans. by Gabriella Cardazzo

#39: i    Michael Brewster-Video Interview    produced by Corps de Garde
'79: 8    Groningen, Holland    with the Academy of Art History

#38: R,f    Het Nieuwsblad Van Het Noorden      "Storende Elementen Verduisteren
'79: 8.27    Groningen, Holland    Lichtproject" ,  Eddy Determeyer

#37: C,f    Extra Dik-Catalog    "Beeldende Kunst in Augustus"
'79: 8    Groniger Zomermanifestatie 1979, p. 29f       Staff

#36: R    Los Angeles Times    "...and it comes out here"
'79: 8.12    Calendar Section, p. 89    Suzanne Muchnic on LAICA "Sound"

#35: R    Artweek    "The Shape of Sound"  
'79: 8.11    p. 9    A. Rosenthal on LAICA "Sound Show"

#34∆    Magazine    notes on "Audio Scene" ,Vienna
'79: 8.2    Italy, p. 63    Germano Celant

#33: C,f    Sound-LAICA-Catalog    statement & photo  by M. Brewster
'79: 7.14-8.31    L.A.I.C.A., pp. 6, 14, 24-5f    Essays:  R. Armstrong, P. Frank

#32: R,f    Artweek    "Michael Brewster's Noisemaker"
'79: 6.2    p. 3    Peter Clothier

#31: R    Los Angeles Times    review of "Surrounded: ..."
'79: 5.11    Part VI, p. 11    William Wilson

#30: A,f,P2    L.A.I.C.A Journal    "Spotlight" , a reply
'79: 3-4    p. 13    Michael Brewster

#29: R    Nonpareil    "L.A. Show Tough Going"
'79: 3.4    Council Bluffs, Nebraska    R. C.

#28: R    Sunday World-Herald    "Look Out Midlanders,Here Comes
'79: 2.25    Omaha, Nebraska, Sec. E, p. 1    Los Angeles Art"  by Tim Norris

#27: R,f    World-Herald    "Californian Busy with Invisible
'79: 2.23    Omaha, Nebraska    Masterpiece"  by Tim Norris

#26: A    World-Herald    "Joslyn Visitors Can Watch 'L.A.
'79: 2.18    Omaha, Nebraska, p. 15-B    in the Seventies' "  by Tim Norris

#25: R    de Volksrant    "Newest Art Expressions in
'78: 8.15    Amsterdam, Holland, p. 11    Summerfestival"   by Lily Ginneken

#24: i    NOORD Radio-Interview     5 min. interview on site of
8.13.'78    Groningen, Holland, 8 pm broadcast    "Concrete-Two Tone"

#23: R,f    Niewsblad Van Het Noorden    "Michael Brewster Makes Sculpture
'78: 8.7    Groningen, Holland, p. 6    of Touchable Sound" , E. Determeyer

#22∆    Who's Who in American Art    first inclusion
1978...    Jacques Catell Press (Eds.), p. 81    

#21: C    Ten Artists' Work from L.A. to Hallwalls  artists' statements
'78: 5.5-27    by F.A.R., Buffalo, New York, p. 8-9f    photo  by M. Brewster

#20∆    Women's Wear Daily    "Neatest Click of the Week"
'78: 1.10    "...Eye..." Column, p. 4    

#19: R    Artnews    review of "Inside, Outside,Down"
'78: Jan     pp. 113-114    Susan Larsen

#18: R,f    L.A.I.C.A. Journal    "Michael Brewster, Installations"
'78: 1-2    pp.36-37    Melinda Wortz

#17: A,f    Newsletter    notes on "Synchromesh"
'78: Jan     La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art

#16: B    Synchromesh-Brochure    article  by Richard Armstrong
'77: 12.10    La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art    drawing  by M. Brewster

#15: R    San Diego Evening Tribune    review of "Synchromesh"
'77: 12.6    p. E-2    Jan Jennings

#14 ∆    Newsletter    notes on "Synchromesh"
'77: Dec     La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art    

#13: R    Artweek    review of "Inside, Outside, Down"
'77: 12.10    p. 4, illustration    and "Soliloquies"  by Lynn Gamwell

#12: C,f    Inside, Outside, Down, & Soliloquies text , drawings, photos
'77: 11.10    Catalog, Baxter Art Gallery, 14 pp.    M. Smith, M. Brewster, G. Crawford

#11: R    Artnews    review of "L.A. in the Seventies"
'77: 12.19    p. 104    Janet Kutner

#10: R    Fort Worth Shorthorn    review of "L.A. in the Seventies"
'77: 10.13    Fort Worth, Texas    Les Ross

#9: R    Dallas Morning News    review of "L.A. in the Seventies"
'77: 10.10    Dallas, Texas    Janet Kutner

#8: R    Fort Worth Star Telegram    review of "L.A. in the Seventies"
'77: 10.9    Sec. 9, p. 1    Carol Nuckols

#7: C,f    Los Angeles in the Seventies-CatalogHal Glicksman interviewed by
'77: 10.9    Fort Worth Museum of Art, pp. 5-6,13f    Marge Goldwater

#6: C,f    1977 Annual-Catalog    notes
'77: 6.5    San Francisco Art Institute    Jim Pomeroy and Artists

#5: R    Soho Weekly News    review of "Artists Space" Show
'77: 4.21    pp. 20-21    William Zimmer

#4: R    Artnews    review of "Sounds Show"
'76: Feb    p. 70    Melinda Wortz

#3: C    Sounds Show-Catalog    notes
'75: 12.7    Newport Harbor Art Museum     Artists & Betty Turnbull, Curator

#2: R    Santa Monica Evening Outlook    review of "A Slow Walking Wave"
'75: 12.13    p. 42    Barry Brennan

#1: C,f    New Art in Orange County-Catalog    notes  by the
'72: 7    Newport Harbor Art Museum    Artists & Thomas Garver, Director

A=Article  B=Brochure  C=Catalogue I=Interview  P=Publication  R=Review  f=Photo

# 133: C,CD    See Hear Now        Introduction by Barry Schwabsky
'02: Feb    Catalog of the LACE exhibition    essay by Peter Clothier
by the Fellows of Contemporary Art    interview by Brandon LaBelle

# 128: P    "Where, There or Here ?"      pp. 100-4    essay by M. Brewster    
'99: jun     Site of Sound-of architecture and the ear    LaBelle & Roden (eds.)
Errant Bodies Press with Smart Art Press    Santa Monica

P10,# 120 C    Concours International D'idees pour    record of the ill fated 92-93 Geneva contest
'97: Jun    l'amenagement Artistique de l'autoroute    75 pp, edited by Bernhard Fibicher, Bienne
rn1/rn1a sur territoire Genevois    Fonds cantonal de decoration et d'art visuel

P9,#114, CD    All of Before-3 acoustic sculptures        audio Compact Disk
'96: Nov    Chronic Studios-produced by Jane Hart    and Michael Brewster

P8,#106 A,f    "Geneva By-Pass" bits of proposal text    by  M. Brewster
'94    Architecture as a translation of Music    ed. by Elizabeth Martin
(New York: Princeton Architectural Press,'94)    pamphlet architecture pp.36-40

P7,#102 A,f    "Gone to Touch" - essay in anthology-    text & photos by  M. Brewster
'89    Words and Spaces, ed. by Smith & DeLio    pp.163-182
re'85:1/7    (Lanham, MD: Univ. Press of America,'89)    including  Cage,Lucier,Neuhaus

P6,#85 B    Touch and Go - Brochure    statement and drawing
'85: Jan    California State University, Los Angeles    Michael Brewster

P5,#50 B,f    Happen-stance - Brochure    text & photos
'79: Dec    Herron School of Art, Indianapolis    Carol Adney, Dir., & M. Brewster

P4, #40 B,f    Michael Brewster - Brochure    statement & photo  by M. Brewster
'79: Sep    Galleria del Cavallino, Venice, Italy    Ital. trans. by Gabriella Cardazzo

P3, #33 C,f    Sound - Catalog    statement & photo  by M. Brewster
'79: Jul    L.A.I.C.A., pp. 6, 14, 24-5f    Essays:  R. Armstrong, P.  Frank

P2,#30 A,f     L.A.I.C.A. Journal    "Spotlight":  a reply & photo
'79: Mar    p. 13f    Michael Brewster

P1,#12 C,f    Inside, Outside, Down; Soliloquies    text , drawings, photos
'77: Nov    Catalog, Baxter Art Gallery, Pasadena    M. Smith, M. Brewster, G. Crawford

Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo    Milan / Lugano
Gabriella Cardazzo    Venice, Italy
Grita Insam    Vienna, Austria
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum    New York, New York
Fondo per l' Ambiente Italiano    Varese, Italy
Leendert van Lagestein    Amsterdam, Holland
Museum of Contemporary Art    Los Angeles, California
Orange County Art Museum    Newport Beach, California
Merry Norris    Los Angeles, California
Luigino Rossi    Venice, Italy
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art    La Jolla, California
University Gallery    Amherst, Massachusetts
Sandy Walker    San Francisco, California
Helene Winer    New York, New York
Diana Zlotnick    Studio City, California

Present    Claremont Graduate University    Professor of Art
-Since 1973    Claremont, California    Department of Fine Art

'73:1-'72:9    Pomona College    Instructor, Drawing/Painting
Claremont, California     Department of Art        

'73:1-'72:9    La Verne College    Instructor, Sculpture
La Verne, California     Department of Art        

'72:6-'71:9    Pomona College    Instructor, Sculpture
Claremont, California     Department of Art        

'71:6-'70:9    Bradley University    Instructor, NonTrad. Sculpture
Peoria, Illinois     School of Art

michael dot brewster at cgu dot edu